Do you know your WHY? This is a total buzz phrase nowadays.  Everyone talks about it but I still have yet to really see many people get it.  People will say things like their WHY is "my kids" or "my family" but I don't think they know why they are saying it.  Yes, your kids and your family are very important things.  But why would someone say their WHY is why they work out hard or push themselves?  It just seems like this is part of an answer.  It's like saying you want this or that so that you are HAPPY.  You have to be able to define happiness before you can say that you are doing something to be happy.  Let's put it in workout contexts: if you say you want to get stronger, ask yourself why.  Is it just to hit a number on a lift for a certain reason?  There may be little mini goals on the way but what is the end goal you are looking for?  I'm just saying that you cant just say the goal is to get stronger.  That doesn't mean much.  First, there are all kinds of different versions of strength.  Obviously, there is the 1RM strength, then there is the capacity strength, then there is the volume strength, then there is the body weight strength.  But is this what you are looking for?  And then WHY do you need it?  Is it part of the big picture?  Do you want a big squat number because it's something you always wanted since you were younger?  Is it just so you can put it on Instagram?  Or is it part of the quest to be in the CrossFit Games?  You need to be able to answer that.  What about your job?  What about your daily routine?  What about your push?  WHY do you do it?  Don't waste time "bumbling" through the years and years.  Take the time to understand you and what you are really wanting to do or hoping to do.  There aren't any right or wrong answers. But you need to be honest.  Once you figure that out then you can really on to achieving what you are wanting to do!  :)




Complete the following:



Overhead Squat (15 min)

.......3 x 3 reps

.......2 x 2 reps

.......4 x 1 rep

*increase each set and work to a working 1RM






14 min continuous clock

6 min AMRAP:

.......50 reps Double Unders (2:1 singles)

.......15 reps Power Snatch (95/65, wt to get 25-30UB)

3 min REST

5 min AMRAP:

.......10 reps Bar Facing Burpees

.......15 reps Thrusters (95/65, wt to get 24-28UB)



MWOD:   use bar to mash out forearms and to work internal rotation