I heard a quote yesterday that I thought was VERY interesting!  "You can't win the game of golf, you can only play it."  Now yes there are golf competitions and you can beat another player, but the actual game, all you can do is play it.  The goal is to get better and better at the game.  Sometimes you do, sometimes the wind is up and your ball gets blown all over the place, sometimes, there is water on the greens, etc.  All you get to do is play it.  I'm not a golfer, I mean not even close (i literally have only played a true round of golf about 5 or 6 times)!!! But this quote really had some stick-to-it-ness!  You can say the exact same thing about fitness.  There isn't an end result in fitness.  It's just a long NEVER ENDING journey.  There will be times when things are working, times when you will have to test things out, times when you are failing all over the place.  But the thing is to just keep driving forward.  Now you have to admit that it's kinda strange to be involved in an activity that has no end.  I mean everything has an ending right?? Even life has an ending( i know kinda morbid).  But fitness is truly endless and not only is it endless but it's relative to all of the millions of variables that will be placed on it.  It's important to keep that in mind as you are doing your thing.  There isn't an end weight to weigh.  There isn't an end weight to lift.  There isn't an end height to jump.  Just keep doing everything you can to keep moving forward, learning, improving.  Don't get frustrated if you don't have something yet, or if you had it last month but you don't this month.  Just keep driving forward and you will get to it!! :)




Complete the following: 


Snatch Complex: (15 min)

10 x 1 rep

.......1 rep = 1 High Pull+1 full Squat Snatch+1 Overhead Squat

*work to a heavy complex






For Time: (15 min limit)

Buy In:  800m run

2 Rounds:

.......25 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

.......15 reps Front Squat (155/105, 45%1RM, wt to get 20-24UB)

.......25 reps HSPU

Cash Out: 400m Run



MWOD:   banded external shoulder rotation, foam roll the Lats and IT Bands