The INFERNO Family has grown to a very large community.  Its one big group of like minded people that are all on the quest to better themselves each and every day.  But unlike the days of old, not every single person knows every other person in the gyms.  We have some that only come in the am classes, others that are only there at night after work, some are training for the competitive side of CrossFit, others are trying to improve their Olympic lifting skills, other are brand new coming through the New You Program, and still others are just trying to get a workout in a get a good sweat on.  So many different angles, so many different paths.  But this doesnt mean that ANYONE is above or more special than anyone else.  Im not saying this because some think they are better.  Im saying this because we ALL have not taken steps to make sure that we know each other.  We should ALL say hi to each other when you come to the gym.  We ALL should root each other on, or high five each other when we do something awesome (and this can be a high five from an Open gymer, to a Reg Class member and vice versa).  If you are in the back and dont feel like you know people in the front, then come on out and take a class or say hello.  If you are a Reg Gym person and feel that the Open Gymers are to tight of a group to break into then go back and say hi.  See what they are doing.  If you see New You people and dont know their names, stop and say hi.  If you see that someone is in the gym from Northern, SLO, or Nipomo, SAY HI!  Get to know them.  See what their story is!  We have MANY very cool people with some really interesting story and things going on.  Even if you are younger, or older, you are all part of the same group.  Its not Open Gym, Regular Class, New You, Drop-In, Elite Athlete, "Hope to be" Elite Athlete, "dont care about being an" Elite Athlete, Northern, SLO, Nipomo, etc only..........its ONE thing........Its one FAMILY..........Its INFERNO.   Period:)




Complete the following: 


Jerk Complex: (16 min limit)

*off Rack

.......50%1RM 2+1

.......60%1RM 2+1

.......65%1RM 2+1

.......70%1RM 2+1

.......75%1RM 2+1

.......80%1RM 1+1

.......85%1RM 1+1

.......90%1RM 1+1

*Push Jerk + Split Jerk






For Time: (12 min limit)

25/25, 20/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5 reps of:

.......OHS (135/95, 45%1RM, wt to get 25-30UB)

.......KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20+ UB)



MWOD:   get the shoulders ready!!!