How are you supposed to keep going?  Ever had those times when you feel like your world is caving in around you?  Like bad things are happening.  I don't mean you are having a poopy day or you are just in a funk.  But more like BAD shit is happening!  Or maybe it's not that the bad things happen every day but you just can't seem to get out and above it all.  You feel like you try and try but you just can't make it out of the clear.  How the HELL are you supposed to keep going?  It's not easy.  Many people take the easy way out.  But when you feel like you aren't able to do it for yourself any more, or its just hard to do it for yourself, then pick someone else.  The last people I want to disappoint are my kids.  I'm not saying that can't get mad at me.  I'm not saying that everything has to look perfect to them.  But what I am saying is that I can NEVER stop trying to make things better or stop "going" just because it's tough.  What is that showing them?  They are watching me.  They will see if you are supposed to stop if it gets rough.  They will see how I react and respond when things are hard.  Yes, there will be bad times.  Yes, there may be some longer stints than I want of bad times.  But I will not stop and I will do everything I can to not let whatever detract from the joys in life.  Do this by being grateful for what you do have.  There are ALWAYS people worse off than you.   Even when things are bad, there are ways to see happiness and joy.  Don't brush those away just because you are having a bad day.  Don't quit.  It's not your time yet to hang it up!!!:)




Complete the following: 


Tabata Toes

.......8 rounds of :20 on :10 off for max reps

*Score with total number of reps






20 min AMRAP:

.......40 reps Double Unders (2:1 Singles)

.......1 rep Snatch (your choice of Power or Squat)

*start at 65% 1RM then increase weight each round

**If 1RM is >195# then increase 10# each round, if under then 5#.  If not enough 2.5 or 5s then repeat that weight for the next round and increase after.

***you have 3 attempts at each wt before you have to do the DUs and go to the next round.

****Score with your highest completed weight



MWOD:   work the shoulder and internal rotation for snatch