Have you heard the statement "Stress Kills"?  I thnk we all understand what stress is and that we all have to deal with it.  First off, stress isnt always bad.  Im one of those people that work better under stress.  I can get my stuff done and i can really buckle down right as the deadline comes up.  There is also the whole "fight or Flight" stress rsponse to an incident that is genetically hardwired into our DNA and is used to protect us.  In fact in biological terms, stress is anything that causes a change or adaptation in a species.  This make total sense and i think can be aplied to a bunch of things in our lives.  But, to much stress can wreak havoc on your body as well.  When i was with the fire department, i was having some run-ins with my chief.  They were pretty emtional and i honestly found out that bosses (my Chief anyways) didnt like being called out on stuff that was very stupid and political.  Because of this and a few other run-ins, i was taken off all my programs, all which i had been VERY intimately a part of, removed me from my station and my crew and put me somewhere where i wasnt able to be used to my capacity.  The stress of the whole situation smashed me.  i started getting weird cramps in my stomach.  After a few months, i ended up in the ER two different times.  Before the last time, I had to get a colonoscopy, a couple other scans, and few others test.  They couldn't find anything.  When i was admitted the second time to the ER, they thought I had a ruptured appendix.  Ended up not being that but they couldn't find anything wrong with me.  I was held in the hospital for a week for "gut rest."  It wasn't until I was in the hospital that I came to grips with what my job was.  As much as loved fire, it was a way for me to support myself and my family and to enjoy my life.  I had to switch my entire mindset to that idea.  The job was NOT my life.  So I decided I wasn't going to let it affect my outside life.  I accepted my new location.  I took on new responsibilities and never felt any of the cramps or pains again.  The short of this all comes down to this: your body reacts to stress.  But the stress I was dealing with was emotional and feelings.  No one did anything to me.  But my body was responding as if I was physically attacked!  These were things that were happening in my head.  My body totally broke down.  Anytime you deal with or have bad thoughts, anxieties, "what ifs", expectations, "I'm not good enough's", etc, your body will respond to that in a bad way.  As your body is dealing with these "false truths", it is unable to handle or do any actual repairing or healing anywhere else.  Since we know recovery is such a big deal, you NEED to be able to heal yourself up.  And you need to make sure that you have all the amounts of "healing" available to you.  You MUST cut the stress out of your life.  Most of this is simply changing the way you think about things.  Don't get fired up about things that you can't control.  Don't get wrapped up in other peoples crap.  Don't worry about what other people have or if they are better than you or not.  Don't worry about what others think.  Just do you.  Be happy. Smile.  Breath deep.  Enjoy the little things.  Repair, recover and conquer! :)




Complete the following: 


Bench Press Party:

.......0:00-3:00: 4 reps @75%

.......3:00-6:00: 3 reps @80%

.......6:00-9:00: 2 reps @85%

.......9:00-12:00: 1 rep @90%






16 min clock

8 Rounds (each on 2 min)

.......200m Run

.......15 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20 +UB)

* :15 sec REST min



MWOD:   Hit the calves, do 15 leg swings to end range forward and back and side to side, and banded shoulder for internal rotation