What is that great thing that YOU do?  There may be some of you that honestly don't think you do anything great.  But we are all built to do something amazing.  You might not know what your thing is yet but that doesn't mean that you mope around like you don't have anything.  It's just a matter of finding it.  If you don't know what your thing is yet, sit yourself down in a quiet place. Then take a very honest look at yourself.  What is it that you love to do?  It may be something very normal or something very obscure but once you find it then it's about how to make that be the THING you do.  Don't think you will find it on the first try.  It might take a while.  Usually the thing that holds us back from doing what we want to do, or that really cool idea we have, is we are afraid of falling on our faces.  No one wants to look like a fool.  But if you constantly worry about the "what if" or the "what might happen" then you never get to think about "what could happen."  So if you have that thing you want to do, you have that great thing that you do and you want to get it out there, then just get it out there!  There really is nothing better than doing what you love.  Even if you have a rough go at it, it's still what you love to do!  Keep pushing!!! :)




Complete the following: 


Overhead Squats: (15 min limit)

2 Rounds:

.......5 reps @75%1RM

.......3 reps @80%1RM

.......3 reps @85%1RM

.......2 reps @90%1RM

*3-second pause at the bottom of each rep






10 min AMRAP:

2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8 reps etc....

.......Alt Pistols (each leg is 1 rep)

.......KB Swings (70/53, wt to get 20+ UB)



MWOD:   some ankle mobility