Don't take it personal.  If you read Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements", the second agreement is just this: Don't take ANYTHING personal.  You will always come in contact with people that seem to have an issue with something.  And many times they will talk to you, at you, or about you.  When they do it may seem super mean or aggressive.  But here's the thing, you can't take it personally.  You just need to realize that it's not about you, but rather about them and their world and if you do take it personally then you assume that THEY know everything about your world.  They don't.  And honestly, it doesn't matter what is said, even if its a direct insult to you.  It is merely the visions they have in their own mind that they are superimposing over. you.  As much as I love this agreement, it's EXTREMELY difficult.  How do I just ignore someone attacking me, insulting me, or trying to do harm to me?  Well, it comes down to control.  ITs not a matter of backing down to the aggressor but rather being emotionally resilient to the comments.  Just don't care about them.  They are just words.  Sure they may hurt, but only if you let them hurt you.  And if they do hurt you then you're saying that what the person is saying or doing to you is true.  If you don't give any attention to the "crap", then it has ZERO power over you.  So let them say whatever it is they feel they need to say.  Blow it off.  Don't give it, or them, any power in the situation.  They are just words.  Just sounds uttered out of the hole in their face.  Don't give it any more than that! :)




Complete the following: 


Overhead Squats (16 min limit)

2 Rounds:

.......7 reps @60%1RM

.......5 reps @70%1RM

.......3 reps @80%1RM

.......2 reps @90%1RM






For Time (15 min limit)

21/21/42, 15/15/45, 9/9/27 reps of:

.......Thrusters (135/95, 55%1RM, wt to get 20-24UB)

.......KB Swings (70/53, wt to get 20+UB)

.......Double Unders (2:1 singles)



MWOD:   hip alignment with pvc pipe, and foam roller low back and thoracic spine