Ever decided to take on an impossible task?  What made you make the decision?  It's impossible, remember?  So how are you going to be able to achieve it?  Why would you be able to do this impossible feat but if it comes to a task that is just "sort of hard", you talk yourself into failing?  There is a lure of the impossible tasks because of a few reasons.  First, if you DO accomplish something that is impossible, then the accolades are usually pretty impressive.  Second, they are a "win-win" situation.  I mean that if you do actually do them, complete them, succeed in them, then you WIN!  If you aren't able to achieve it, you lose, or can't finish it, well you weren't ever really supposed to able to do it anyways so again, you win.  This situation puts ZERO pressure on you.  You simply have the opportunity to go in and give it your all and have others rooting for you just because you are the underdog.  I do know that pressure can be used to help people achieve new heights and accomplishments.  However, the pressure of HAVING TO WIN usually works the wrong way because now you aren't even concerned with the task at hand.  You are solely concerned with the outcome.  Well, there can be no outcome without performance.  So you need to keep the pressure on you to perform.  Again, this is not pressure to win, but pressure to perform to the best of your abilities.  If this is the case, then why not go for the big task every time?  If you set that bar up high, almost ridiculously high, then it allows you to just do your thing.  Put yourself in the WIN-WIN!!  :)




Complete the following: 



29 min clock:

5 Rounds:

.......Max reps Wall Balls (20/15#@10')

.......Max reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55, wt to get 25-30UB)

.......Max reps Box Jump (24/20)

.......Max reps Push Press (75/55, wt to get 30-40UB)

.......Max reps Burpees

.......1 MIN REST

*each movement is done on max reps in 1 min.  Each round is a total of 6 mins



MWOD:   hit the calves and external rotation for the shoulders