You are working out or you are competing.  Your coach tells you to do something.  "Drive your knees out!", he yells.  So in the middle of your squats, you feel yourself pushing out hard.  Driving your knees as wide as you possibly can.  Is this what they want you to do?  Is having your knees out as far as they can go the best plan for the movement?  Maybe.  It depends on what the coach is giving you.  There are two items of information that you will be given when doing a movement.  First is a "technique".  This is an exact movement or position that needs to there to make the movement work.  An example of this would be "keep your heels down when you squat."  Your heels NEED to stay down to ensure that you are using the large parts of your lower body to do a squat movement.  It will help to protect your knees and allow your glutes to be the drivers.  The next information item would be a "cue".  This is a statement that is said to a person that THEY will understand and be able to move or do a particular thing in the manner the coach is looking for.   An example of this is "Knees out!"  This is a statement to get you to do something.  But what does "Knees out" mean?  How far should they go out?  What's the angle you want them out?  Is out, all the way out??  The answer is when we say "knees out" we are looking for your legs to not bow inwards so that the arch of your foot drops.  As the arch drops, your knee goes into a valgus position (a dangerous position for the ligaments, mostly the ACL).  But if your knees are tracking directly in the direction your toes are pointing, then your knees are out. They don't need to be driven super wide.  In fact, if you push them out to wide and the big toe comes off the ground then you lose all the torque in your hips you are trying to generate.  And the last important thing to remember is that a cue for one person may not work for another person.  If you hear a coach telling one person one thing, it doesn't mean that its a hard and fast rule for everyone.  They may be getting that cue because of THEIR issues.  If you don't have the same issues, then you shouldn't get the same cues. Or it may be that they don't have the understanding yet of the classic techniques so the coach will come up with something that hopefully will resonate with them.  It might be complete nonsense to someone else, but that's how a cue works.  Understanding the difference is important.  All you really need to worry about is what the coach is telling YOU.  Don't worry about what they tell other people.  That will be specific to them and their abilties!  :)




Complete the following: 


29 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  10 reps wt'ed Pistols (53/35, wt to get 14-18UB)

.......Min 2) :30 Sec L-Sit

.......Min 3) 10 reps Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups

.......Min 4) 10 reps Strict Toes to Bar

.......Min 5) REST



MWOD:   mash out or roll out IT Bands, lacrosse ball to the butt cheeks, and lacrosse ball the forearms