A moment of opportunity.  Whenever the normal "great opportunity" pops up, it's very apparent that it is a great chance to do something amazing.  But when disaster strikes, on the surface, it looks as though it's all bad.  No possible good.  But this isn't always the case.  I know that we talk about trying to see the positive, or look through rose colored glasses, or only worrying about the things you can control.  These are all true.  But there is another way to approach it.  Think about the situation as an opportunity presenting itself.  An opportunity for you to make a change and hopefully for the better.  The reason it has a big chance of actually working is that if you decide to take the opportunity, you are all in and you aren't procrastinating.  I'm not saying you would be making a hasty decision, but you would be going on the offensive.  Under normal circumstances, we would be probably over cautious about the choice but because we are backed against the wall, the senses are much more heightened and the actions happen.  And they happen with full blown steam.  I really believe to be the case.  I remember when I was with the fire department and we would be on-scene of a fire, there obviously are things that need to be done a certain way.  These things are usually about safety for those on the attack.  But there would be some incidents that wouldn't be cut and dry.  It wasn't plain and simple to enter here, spray there, exit here and it's done.  It was my favorite part of incidents to have to make things happen under the pressure of the incident.  I have climbed walls with hoses, scaled trees, climbed down ropes, used the engine's turret gun, etc which were all looked at as unconventional attacks but all got the job done.  Yes, of course, I wouldn't go and do something that was just stupid. But if I weighed out the risk versus gain and it seemed like a good idea, then I would go for it.  And I went hard at it because if I didn't then something bad might happen.  Life is the same way.  Take what you are presented with, come up with a plan and attack the opportunity.  Make something amazing happen! :)




Complete the following: 


24 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  Partner Drag: 50m down partner A, 50m back partner B

.......Min 2)  5 reps Bar Muscle Up (2:1 Chest to Bar Pull up)

.......Min 3)  10 reps Front Rack Lunges (155/105, wt to get 15-20UB)

.......Min 4) 20 reps Hollow Body Rocks



MWOD:    ball to the butt cheek and roll the lats out