That's right!  IT'S BACK!!!!  The INFERNO TOUR is going on today!  We will start at the Northern Inferno for workout #1, then go to SLO for workout #2, and end up the Nipomo Inferno for the final workout!!  This is a team event in which your teammate is picked at random.  Everyone will put their name in a hat and partners will be drawn out.  "But what if the person I get is too good?" "But what if the person I get isn't good enough?"  DOnt worry about it!  Today is not about winning or losing.  It's about getting some good workouts in and meeting some cool people.  It's about meeting other INFERNITES.  It's about cheering people on and "high-fiving" everyone else that's involved.  It's about getting out of your comfort zone in a safe and fun way.  It's about doing something you have never done before.  It's about pushing yourself and pushing your partner.  It's about supporting and rooting for your partner and the rest of the INFERNITES!  This is about our community.  We all grind ourselves with the workouts every day.  This is a way to see others that are doing the same thing and maybe making some new friends.  Can't wait to see it all go down!!:) 




Complete the following: 

Not Necessarily in this order:

A) Farm Hand

15 min AMRAP:

.......50' Wheel Barrow Partner Walk

.......40 reps Alt Wall Ball Throws (20/14, or 15 )

.......1000m Row

*Work can be broken up between teammates any way they like



B) 3 Legged

3 Rounds for Time:

.......200m Partner Run

.......40 reps Partner Lunges

.......60 reps Partner Single Unders

*Partners will be attached leg to leg for the ENTIRE event and must move through all movements together as such.



C)  Twister

12 min AMRAP:

.......60 rep Burpee BUY IN:

*With remaining time: (and for your score)

.......Max wt moved by Thruster or Shoulder to Overhead.

*1:1 weight ratio for shoulder to overhead reps

*2:1 weight ration for Thruster reps



MWOD:  do what you need to do to be ready!