How many things in this world are perfect?  Not many at all.  I'm not saying there aren't TONS of great things out there.  In fact, most of the things that are perfect are "perceived" as perfect.  What does this have to do with anything?  Well, most athletes think that they need to be in perfect health to perform perfectly.  Not the case.  Most athletes, especially high-end elite athletes are in a state of soreness, or dealing with nagging issues, almost all the time!  Usually, it's because they have been training for so hard and for so long, they have overuse injuries, or a pain that just doesn't have the time to completely rest and heal.  When all those big meets and competitions hit, those athletes are doing battle with the best of the best and still having to deal with pains.  The point of this is that no matter what the situation, you dont have to be in a perfect state to be ready and able to "do battle".  You to just believe in your preparation both mental and physical, and then go out and give it your all!  YOU get to determine how well you do.  Don't let the situation dictate how well you will do!:)




Complete the following: 

Technique Thursday

.......Take 15 mins and work on the Snatch.  Including the first pull body position with knees out and chest up, proper scoop of the bar to the hips, full triple extension, and speed dropping under the bar.  Use Scarecrow drills and snatch balance for speed issues.






5 rounds each on 3 mins (15 min total)

.......10 reps Dead Lift (315/225, 70%, wt to get 18-22UB)

.......10 reps Bar Facing Burpee

.......200m Run

* :30 rest min per round.  If you are missing the time then cut the burpees by 2 reps



MWOD:   some scap and shoulder mobility