Fitness, or being fit, is one of the biggest buzzwords around. Obviously, everyone thinks if your fit you are going to be healthy. But to most people, fitness means a "look". When I look on Instagram under any "fit" or "fitness" hashtag, all I see are guys and girls flashing body parts. Lifting the shirt to show their abs or bending over with the camera just so you can see their ass in a bikini. And I get it, everybody wants to look good. But that look is not Fitness. That is Aesthetics. When people pay to get a personal trainer what they're hoping for is what they see on Instagram. They want to have chiseled abs or a big butt so that people will "like" their photo when they post it. But here's the main problem with that version of Fitness, and this even goes for all the professional fitness models and bodybuilders out there, no matter how hard you work, it always comes down to if someone thinks this person looks better than you or not. It has nothing to do with the kinds of things you can do, the amount you can do or even who is the healthiest. It comes down to "I think her butt LOOKS better than that other girl's butt" or "his shoulders LOOK better than the other guy's shoulders." To me, working with clients is about making them, and their life, better. Even if I got you six pack abs, it doesn't mean I make you more fit.  And is it good enough anyways?  Because there will always be someone else that has more chiseled six pack abs than you. When I used to do "regular" workouts at the "regular" gym, I was constantly comparing myself to other guys. Was I as big as that guy, as cut as that guy, etc? That was the whole goal! So are you able to even be happy with results that you get? If you get stuck doing small isolated muscle movements, even if it is done with heavy weight, do you really get what you are going for? Does having a skinny guy or overweight girl do concentration dumbbell curls do anything for them?? No!! Your body is designed to work as a system not as a statue.  And just because you might look good in your T-shirt or wearing your swimsuit doesn't mean that you're going to be able to do more things, be able to play more with your kids, be able to play basketball on the weekends, and decide to go run at marathon, decide to do A triathlon, and pull someone out of the building, or pick yourself up after you falling in the shower. Being fit is about being able to do things.  All kinds of thing.  In fact, it's doing more things of any type and any time frame. It's not about being "all show and no go." Real fitness, our fitness, has aesthetics as a byproduct. But the faster you go, the more you can lift, the higher you can jump, the longer you can go, the more explosive you can be, the more reps you can do, this will give you a body that is desirable.  It will be strong, capable and sexy. Being performance-based is a broad stroke for your health, rather than a very narrow stroke. It will help guide you to eat correctly for the long term, not just to lose 10 pounds for a wedding. And it will help guide you to the right movements not so that you just get a big butt but so you're able to run and jump and lift more than you could before (and by doing both of these things you will lose weight AND get a bigger stronger butt). Fitness is not about a look. Fitness is about life and being able to live that life at the highest level possible! Get the REAL fitness!! :)




Complete the following: 

Clean and Jerk (15 min clock)

Every 90 seconds:

.......10 x 1 rep

*increase every round






With Continuous 15 min Clock:

6 min AMRAP:

.......10 reps KB OHS Lt (70/53, same as kb swing)

.......15 reps HR Push Ups

.......10 reps KB OHS Rt (70/53)

.......15 reps HR Push Ups

4 min REST

5 min AMRAP:

.......10 reps KB Swing (same as above)

.......10 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10')



MWOD:   improve the shoulder stability and mobility