Have you ever been involved with something and decided to do IT another way because you thought it would be easier....but it ended up biting you in the ass? Let me give an example: I used to coach high school swim.  On the team, there were good swimmers and not so good swimmers. I would give the kids the sets they had to do and, as many high schools kids do, they would try to find a way to get out of the work they needed to do or to make it easier somehow.  They would go run to the bathroom, they would say they had a cramp, or they would just go easy on sets and miss the times.  One particular time, there was a handful that decided they wanted to swim the set doggie paddle.  I was like "hey!  what the heck are you guys doing??"  "Coach this is way easier!  They should have doggie paddle races then we would for sure win!"  There was a collective agreement with the kids.  So, I pulled everyone back to the wall.  I changed one of the sets to a be strictly doggie paddle set.  It was six 100s, all doggie paddle with 20 seconds of rest between each 100.  They all laughed.  These kids were used to swimming big hard sets.  But I said let's do this!  As they started, they thought it was awesome.  Their heads were up, they could breatheIt seemed fun! Then all of a sudden the shoulders started to burn.  Their legs started to cramp because they had to kick way more than usual.  Their necks get tired because they have to hold it up.  The easy stroke is as easy as they thought!  They all look at me like I did some evil magic trick on them hahaha!  Well, it wasn't a magic trick.  But it was a very inefficient way to get through the water.  Just like with our workouts, or in our regular lives, if we do something that is inefficient, there WILL be ramifications for it.  It might be easier and faster at the very beginning of the task but once you get going, then its all about efficiency.  The more efficient you are the smoother you will be and the less wasted energy.  This means more production, more reps, or more work done.  Be more efficient!! :)




Complete the following: 

Dead Lift (15 min limit)

.......5 reps @65%1RM

.......3 reps @75%1RM

.......3 reps @85%1RM

.......1 rep @90%1RM

.......1 rep @95%1RM

.......1 rep @possible new 1RM

*min 4 warm up sets to get ready to go heavy






4 Rounds For Time: (15 min limit)

.......400m Run

.......25 reps Pull-ups



MWOD:  tac and floss the hammys with band and compression