One of the rules of the gym is "nobody cares what your score is".  Now I know that many of use will use the other scores from other classes to decide how fast we need to go or to pick someone from the crowd to use as a rabbit so we know what to shoot for.  But here's the thing...NO ONE CARES what you get!  No one gets impressed.  No one will like you more or less based on how you do.  So if you are doing it (whatever it is) for anyone other than you and your fitness improvement, then you are missing the ENTIRE thing about what we do at the gym.  The one and only thing is to better yourself every day.  You don't need to say why you did great, or why you did bad on the workout.  There isn't any need to justify anything.  You come to the gym, and we offer you a workout to improve your fitness and you do what you do.  If that means you do it as the way it is intended to be, with proper scales or modifications, and correct weights based on the RX, % or the number of rep unbroken, then you will get the maximum benefits intended by the workout.  If you cut reps, have short range of motion, you intentionally or unintentionally, forget reps movements or whatever, no one cares.  But what did you get from this?  The ONLY thing you got was a workout with fewer benefits than if you did it as you were supposed to. Why would I be saying this stuff? ITs because it's always good to remember why you are here.  Many times we let "other" reasons affect what we do for the workout, or how we move, or how we score.  Once you can remove all of that extra NOISE from your head, then you WILL be able to reap the maximum out of the workouts you do every day.  Keep it simple.  Keep it real!   :)




Complete the following: 

3 Rounds for Time: (25min clock)

.......1000m Row

.......50 reps Wall Ball (20/15#@10')

.......25 reps Shoulder to Overhead (155/105, 50%1RM, wt to get 18-20UB)



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits