Its important to test yourself.  I dont mean a math test or a "are you compatable test" out of some magazine.  You need to put yourself on the line and see what happens.  These tests are important, if for no other reason, than to see exactly where you are.  We all "think" we are doing pretty well, we are eating pretty well, we all thik we are performing pretty well, etc.  But unless we really test it, we really dont know.  For example, do you think you are eating pretty well?  Write down everything you are eating for a week and really see exactly what you are taking in.  Think you are working out pretty well?  Well then see if you can increase your weight a little.  For the workout stuff, its not a matter of are you the first one done, or if you lifted the most.  It matters if you are increasing and improving your results.  Dont get caught up in you versus the class thing.  But, how heavy should you go then?  You honestly might not know.  In fact, this test would be to put whatever amount of weight on and then to see what happnens.  If you get crushed, well then you know that that is too much.  If you crush it then maybe you can go a little heavier.  But the main thing is not to be afraid to give it a try.  Take that test.  Use the data and become more awesome! :) 




Complete the following: 

24 min EMOM:

.......12 reps Bar Facing Burpee

.......8 reps Push Press (185/125, 75%1RM, wt to get 15-20UB)

.......4 reps Snatch (185/125, 75%1RM)

*. Minimum 15 seconds rest on each round



MWOD:   doing the shoulders