Motivation is a great word.  It seems to be that magical thing that allows people to be successful.  But Motivation is fleeting.  It's there when you are feeling perfect.  When the stars are aligned.  It's the "perfect" thing you need to wake all the right things in your heart to get you going.  But, you can't wait or count on motivation.  What gets you to where you want to go is Determination.  Determination is the quality that makes you keep going when things get tough.  It doesn't mean you keep beating your head against the wall.  It means you do what you need to do, adjust where you need to, to get around roadblocks and make the plan work.  Don't be a motivated a DETERMINED one.  Then you WILL make it!! :)




Complete the following: 

Technique Thursday

.......Strict movements are important at times as good auxiliary movements to your regular, more functional movements.  Since today it's technique Thursday and our long workout, today will be all STRICT!

28 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 7 reps Strict Toes to Bar

.......Min 2) 8 reps Strict Pull-Ups

.......Min 3) 9 reps Strict HSPUs

.......Min 4) 10 reps Strict DB Curls (50/35s, wt to get 12-15UB)

*minimum :15 REST on each minute!



MWOD:   rolling out the biceps tendon