If you want to be the best you can be at something, you need to have a coach to help you get there.  Sure, Youtube is cool to get some basic ideas and even having a set program to follow is great, but if you don’t have a coach it's almost worthless.  A coach is someone that not only knows the finer points of the activity you are involved in but also understands exactly where you are, what your deficiencies are and how to get you through them to be your best.  We all know who the great coaches are out there and in what areas they are so good.  And they all have something in common: the ability to translate any issue and the appropriate fix to the individual in a way that THEY get it.  It's that moment when the coach says “do this” and then you can visibly see the lightbulb click on in the person's head.  They get it!  However, this will ONLY work if the door is open for the things the coach says to be heard and listened to.  It really is a two-way street.  It takes both parties to make great things happen.  I have been a coach for a long time.  It is the most frustrating thing when someone wants help and as you help them, they constantly question what you are telling them or they just don’t really try.  They give excuses for this and that.  They aren’t being honest about what they really want or what they are doing.  As the “athlete”, are you letting the coach get you to where to need to be?  We all want to be good but we can’t let our egos or our pride get in the way.  Nobody likes to feel like an idiot or that they suck.  But the coach can only work if you keep as many defenses down as possible.  The more available you are to the coaching, the more you will get and the better you will actually become.  So if your coach tells you something isn’t good, don’t take it personally.  understand that they are telling you so that so that, as a team, you can fix it. Then move forward better than yesterday!! :)




Complete the following: 

Bench Press Tailgate (12 min EMOM)

.......0:00-4:00: 3 reps @80%1RM

.......4:00-8:00: 2 reps @85%1RM

.......8:00-12:00: 1 rep @90%1RM

*warm up well before you start heavy






3 Rounds for Time (15 min limit)

.......25 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

.......25 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20 UB)

.......100m Bumper Carry (135#/95#, or double your KB wt, any plate denomination you want)



MWOD:   Prep the QL for today