Over this past week, I’ve been training with UFC ex- light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida.   I was doing some test workouts with him to give him a better understanding of CrossFit and how his body responds to it on a cellular level with the ATP Mechanix Cell Coach.   We had an awesome time training together and passing stories back and forth. But one that really was interesting to me was something that he does daily with his wife and kids before they go to school in the morning. He said that he would look at his kids and tell them “you’re going to learn a lot today. You are going to be very smart!”  And then his wife, kids and himself, would chant increasingly louder, the word YES!   This basically was to fire the kids up and get them ready to learn as if they were an athlete going out onto the competitive floor. When talking to the Cell Coach about it, he told me that there is actually a change at the cellular level when a chant like this happens because when you have positive beliefs, then you aren't dealing with the stress responses like cortisol, etc.  We talked yesterday about believing in yourself.  This simple chant, loudly, of the word YES, will help you to believe what you need to accomplish. You will see this and other areas also. There is an action called a “power stance” that is using body language to change how you feel about a particular situation. You can become more confident, and more ready just by changing your body position. Even some New Zealand rugby teams will go through an elaborate dance and chant before each game that gets them extremely fired up and ready to go out and kick ass.   Saying the word YES obviously seems extremely easy.   But it really comes down to doing something to quiet all the negativity that might enter, or is already in, your head. So the next time you have to do something, and you’re nervous about it, stand up tall, spread your feet out, put your hands on your hips, raise your chin, and shout loudly, and repeatedly, the word YES!!!!  Then see what happens!  :)




Complete the following: 

Double Tabata (8 min)

.......Deadlift (315/225, 75%1RM)

.......Sit Ups

*8 rounds of :20 max deads, :10 rest, :20 sec max sit ups, :10 rest






15 min AMRAP:

.......16 reps PVC Pipe Jump (16"/12", side to side jump)

.......12 reps KB Swing (70/53#, wt to get 20 UB)

.......8 reps Wall Ball (30/20#@10')

.......1 rep Rope Climb (2 lay downs, 6 pull-ups, 6 ring rows)



MWOD:   adjusting the pelvis for pulling