Competition, some will say, brings out the worst in people.  I don’t believe that.  I feel that competition brings the REAL out in people.  There are few things in life that will strip you of all your “cool guy”-ness and then you get to see really what you are all about.  Here's what I’m talking about:  if you don’t have a judge do you count correctly or do you drop a rep or a few here or there?  Yeah, I know we all lose count at times.  It's hard to function on WOD brain sometimes.  But, what do you do?  Do you every think about it?  Well, the problem with this is once you do cut a rep (here and there) intentionally, then it becomes VERY easy to continue to do it.  Does it matter?  Well if you are in a competition then you will have a judge or someone counting and they will let you now if you miss counted anything and you will have to deal with the issues of that.  What about when you are at your home gym?  We put the names on the board and it can be seen as a gym wide competition.  Do you ever feel that?  I would like to say that you shouldn’t.  The names are NOT posted so that you can see who “won” the day.  They are put up so that WE can showcase the hard work YOU put in.  The daily workout is competition in the sense that you are going at the same time as someone else and you may finish before another or they may get more reps than you, but since there are so many variables and differences in everyones version of the workout, it really can’t be seen as a competition in the true sense of the word.  As the coach, i care that you push yourself hard and get the most out of the workout you can.  I dont care, AT ALL, if you get the best score, the worst score, if you are RX’ed or not.  That really means nothing.  Of course i know that since our RX version of the workout is not something that people hit on a regular basis, it becomes important to some to put that RX by their name.  I get it.  But let me define what RX means: you do the workout EXACTLY as written.  This means the written weights are used, the exact movements are used (as if you were in the OPEN), and there is no scaling or modifications of ANY kind.  I feel that since this is such a sought after thing, you shouldn’t say you got an RX unless you actually got it. Its just an honor and pride thing.  HOWEVER, if you say you got RX and you really didn’t, well it really doesn’t matter.  We don’t give any prizes out and there aren’t and qualifiers that you will be invited to with whatever version and score you got.  I will always be proud of the job you do as long as you are giving it you all.  Remember the board is for US to showcase the hard work YOU did for the day.  Its not a leaderboard, its a showcase board.  So give it your all and be proud of the job you do!  We are!!:) 




Complete the following: 

Technique Thursday

.......Take 15 mins to work on Jumping Rope (including proper positioning and technique, single, doubles, and triples)






3 Rounds: (12 min limit)

.......10 reps Hang Clean (185/125, 65%1RM, 10-14UB)

.......10 reps Shoulder to Overhead (185/125, 60%1RM, 18-22UB)

.......75 reps Air Squats

*base your wt used off the more difficult of the two lifts.



MWOD:   hit that first rib