As an athlete, i grew up with the desire to win.  The fact is i still HATE to lose at anything.  As i have gotten older, i have learned about visualization to help with success.  So when you visualize about success, what do you see?  Usually this means you "see" the end, you stand there with your hand raised, you with the crowd surrounding you cheering, you standing there with all the money from the new job, etc.  But you usually forget about all the stuff that happens before that.  Its the hard part.  Its the work that goes into the success.  There wont be any success if this other stuff doesnt happen.  The mindset people will tell you to love the journey, not the outcome.  Sure the outcome is out of your control but its hard, and almost dream crushing, to think tat way.  I mean doesnt it seem like not driving to the win makes it almost like a "everyone gets an award" thought process?  No.  Well it definitely takes a shift in your mindset rather than going softer on your attack.  As far as the visualization, its about visulaizing you doing your best, not the end with you hand raised.  See yourself be confident that you can do the skills that you can, that you can push the way you know how, and that, no matter difficult it is, you will keep pushing.  This is what you can control.  This is something that, now after 40 years of competing, im finally starting to understand.  It didnt make sense to not push to the win.  Winning is important AND it feels really good.  The reality is that the wins actually are WAY less common than the "not wins" and we need to be able to handle these.  So the next time you have a goal you are driving to, focus on doing your best.  Focus on your skills and staying confident that you will do your best.  The results will fall where they may but you get to be in totally control of your performance so make it a good one and you WILL be happy with it and able to live with it!:) 




Complete the following: 

Squat Set

With a Continuous Clock: (7 min solo or 10:30 with a partner)

3 min AMRAP:

.......Max rep Back Squats (245/170, 60%1RM, wt to get 15-20UB)

3 min REST

1.5 min AMRAP:

.......Max rep Front Squat (same wt)






4 rounds: (16 min limit)

.......300m Run

.......20 rep Pistols

.......10 reps Clean and Jerk (185/125, 60%1RM, wt to get 6-10UB)



MWOD:   better hips for better squats