You remember those kids in high school and junior high that would love to talk crap about people?  Well those kids dont go away.  They grow up and keep doing it.  They try as hard as they can to knock you off your cloud.  The technique is to make you look bad so that they look better.  Its weak.  Its childish.  Its lame.  But its out there every day.  People will still choose to open their mouths about things they dont know about just to cause drama.  Heres the thing, you will never be able to control these people.  You cant control their actions.  But you can control your actions.  You can choose to buy into the stories and the crap and let it affect you, or you can choose to keep doing what you need to and what you think is the right thing.  Remember there is one person who is always on your side: that person is YOU.  Yes they will be annoying and all the things you might hear might be totally messed but if you choose NOT to acknowledge it or them, then you keep the power.  You can rise above the crap because thats exactly what it is.  Crap :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Hang Squat Snatch (12 min)

.......10 x 1 rep

*increase each set and work to a heavy single






For Time: (18 min limit)

4 Rounds:

.......4 x 100m Run

.......:10 sec rest

1 min REST between rounds

*(Round 1 = run, :10, run, :10, run, :10, run, 1:00, then do this 3 more times)


.......50 reps Burpee Box Jump (24/20)

*Score your overall time between runs and burpees or score just the burpees



MWOD:   get the hammies and nervous system ready to sprint