Was it really worth it?  That thing you wanted, that thing you worked hard to get but didn't get.  Whether it was a competition you were training for, a job you were studying for, a career you wanted, a goal you wanted to achieve.  Imagine all the time you put into getting it.  The day in and day out work,  the sacrifices, the dedication.  Then for some reason, it's taken away, someone else gets it, or other circumstances come up and stop you from going forward.  Was it still worth it or did you just waste your time?  This question comes up all the time and I think we need to realize that from ALL situations there is something that is gained from it.  Maybe its knowledge, maybe its patience, maybe it a skill we needed before we could go forward.  The fact is that the Rolling Stones were right, " you can't always get what you want. but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need."  This is important because it helps us to see the bigger picture of our world.  We really don't exist in these little moments of time.  Sure they happen and there might be flashes of joy or pain, but life is a big swooshing swirled painting. Our lives are much bigger than these moments of time.  So yes it sucks when you don't get what you want or worked hard for, but it wasn't a waste of time. It's up to you to see what you truly got from going down that path.  Once you take the things you have learned then move forward again, knowing that you didn't waste anything.  You got exactly what you needed :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 2

Complete the Following:



28 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 20 reps Hollow Body Rock

.......Min 2) 16 reps Alt DB Push Press (50/35s)

.......Min 3) 12 reps Double DB/KB Russian Swing (same as above)

*swing both dbs, or kbs, together like a kb swing and only up to the eyes

.......Min 4) 8 reps Bar MUs (15 Chest to Bar Pulls)

*15 sec rest min on each minute



MWOD:   mash those forearms