Life does not give participation awards.  In EVERYTHING, there is a winner and a loser.  This doesnt mean that there is a good and a bad person in this scenario.  It just means that someone performed better than someone else on that day, at that moment.  This is an EXTREMELY important lesson to learn as you grow up because, as i said in the beginning, life doesnt give participation awards.  I understand that some dont want to hurt people's feeling but it really shouldnt be that way.  If you are not the winner, it has nothing to do with you as a person.  Have you ever seen someone who, is the number one person in their field but, is a total ass?  I have.  They are out there.  But when we have young kids that all get awards for participating then they start to feel that they "deserve" something just for being involved and this continues as they grow older.  This isnt a "millennial" thing.  But this is something that has started around their time because as a society we wanted our kids to be happy.  Not a bad thing in theory.  But it did set up some very weird practices that havent helped us as a group.  We need to know that its not bad to lose. That is where we learn the most.  If things come easy to us then we NEVER learn how to push hard or to deal with difficulties.   We need to learn how to pick ourselves up after we dont succeed and know that we are still ok and that we can still come back and make it or try again.  I know we all want to win but we also need to have the self-respect and self-stoke for just "doing" something.  There is worth in that.  Just the act.  You dont NEED an award for that.  It should be intrinsic.  Just do your best and learn from the things that didnt work and push forward to become better!! :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 2

Complete the Following:



Thrusters  (12 min limit)

.......10 reps (135/95, 55%1RM, wt to get 20-25UB but SUCK, same for all rep sets)

1 min REST

.......15 reps

2 min REST

.......20 reps

3 min REST

.......25 reps






14 min Clock:

6 min AMRAP:

.......12 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20+UB)

.......12 reps Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20")

4 min REST

4 min AMRAP:

.......8 reps KB Swing (same wt)

.......8 reps Burpee Box Jump Over (same ht)



MWOD:   some wrist mobility for today