As we make our way through this life of ours, we really are all on the path of something amazing.  We dont always know what that might be, but there are goals and desires that we want to meet on the way.  There will be times we are successful in achieving these goals and others times we arent.  Some will say that these are "successes and failures".  I would caution you to use these words.  The problem is that these have connotations of good or bad when in reality, they are just data points.  These points help us to determine if we are going in the direction we are wanting to go or not.  The things that work are a no-brainer.  They worked and you can mark them down as a step in the right direction.  For those that didnt, these arent failures.  They are scientific attempts that had an outcome that wasnt falling in the direction of what you were trying to achieve.  So what do you do with them?  Do you complain?  Quit? Not try again?  NO!  Look at what happened.  Why didnt it work?  Was the prep wrong?  Well then you know exactly what you need to do to fix that, or at least you can deduce a new plan that should yield better results that what just happened.  Was the execution wrong?  Well then come up with a new strategy to make sure that the execution issue is lessened or resolved.  Was it holes in the game?  Then analyze the current game plan and see where you need to make adjustments to crush those weaknesses.  Remember that changes dont happen in 1 day.  Sometimes they take MUCH longer.  But know that if you are analyzing and actively putting a new plan into action, then you will always be better than where you just were.  DONT EVER FEAR FAILURE!!!  Change your mindset about it.  They are just data points on the way to GREATNESS!! :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Snatch Balance: (12 min clock)

.......6 x 3 reps (hold at bottom for 3 secs each rep)

*work to a heavy set






17 min AMRAP:

.......40 reps Burpees

.......30 reps Snatch (75/55, wt to get 20-25 UB)

.......30 reps Burpees

.......30 reps Snatch (135/95, wt to get 12-16 UB)

.......20 reps Burpees

.......30 reps Snatch (165/115, wt to get 5-9 UB)

........10 reps Burpees

.......Max reps Snatch (210/145, wt to get 1-4 UB)



MWOD:   working internal rotation for snatching