One of the things we have become accustom to is convenience. Almost all technology, and even the biggest businesses, are based around our convenience for whatever.  There are MANY up-sides to this.  You can really become extremely efficient with your everyday stuff, or you can save time in almost every job or task based off of these conveniences at your disposal.  But there is a downside.  When you are used to having everything instantly at your fingertips, then you forget just what was needed to actually get it.  As we become used to this in almost every area of our life, we start to lose the ability to have to actually work for something.  This is a terrible thing.  There is something beautiful about having to struggle to achieve something.  It gives you a sense of success and self pride instead of a feeling of entitlement.  We hear all the time about how the current generation all feel entitled to this or that without having to work for it.  I truly believe one of the reasons is that they didnt have to work for anything and everything was at their fingertips.  But now they dont have the capacity to really push through struggles when they are faced by them.  They havent been tested.  They havent had to practice skills to keep them fighting and driving when things get rough or are uncomfortable.  Now, and i say this barring the dreaded “participation awards”, i feel that sports can give kids, or young adults, the arena to be pushed, to have to work hard for something, to succeed and, yes, to fail (which is just as important sometimes).  Of course there are other arenas that can force people to have to work for something, push through adversities and gain the same experience but i just dont think sports has had the same changes that others areas have had with technology.  Practices suck now just as much as they did 100 years ago.  You still were breathing hard, sore, tired, struggling, etc to get whatever you could.  And the crazy things is you can get these benefits even if you didnt have success in the sports.  You learn this from practice, from competition, from the team, from the camaraderie, from the coach (hopefully) and from yourself and how you improve.  So the crux of this post has to do with this: love the grind, love the work, embrace the discomfort, especially when its practice because then when its real life, you will have the faculties to deal with it!!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



32 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  40' Hand Stand Walk (20 shoulder touches)

.......Min 2) 20 reps Hollow Body Rocks

.......Min 3) 10 reps Alt DB Snatch (75/50, wt to get 10-14 UB)

.......Min 4) 5 reps Skin the Cat (on rings)

*at least 15 sec rest on each min



MWOD:   lets hit those traps