The 5 weeks of the Open is definitely exciting but it also can be very rough with all the anxiety about the workouts, how you want to do, how you did, how you will rank, etc.  It can be very tough on the brain for sure.  But there has to be a way to not let it go all crazy.  I think the tough thing about it is that it lasts for so long.  Its 5 weeks of constant thinking, prepping, leaderboarding, doing and redoing again, with only 3 days of "rest" in between posting your score and the next announcment where you TRY to do some sort of regular workout without wrecking yourself for what might come up.  People get edgy with each other for NO reason.  Come on everyone!  Relax and just have fun with this!!  Test yourself and push yourself!  Root on those around you.  Be truly proud for everyone that pushes themselves.  Dont get hung up in who will be at the top of the affiliate scoreboard.  Help each other be their best.  Remember not everyone responds with yelling in the face but know if someone does its because they are excited for you!  We have 1 more week!!!!  You have all done so great!  Keep it up and stay strong for the last week of the OPEN!!!  :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Redo 17.4


3 Rounds For Time:

.......800m Run

.......100m Walking Lunge

.......50 reps Push Ups



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits