We get to test ourselves today.  We have done this one before.  For those that did it last year, you remember what it felt like.  The goal obviously is to do better than last year but it cant just be the DESIRE.  There had to have been a plan to improve.  If there wasnt, then guess what, the chance of being better is just that, only a CHANCE.  You know what you did well last year, and you know EXACTLY where you didnt do well.  Hopefully, you realized what things you needed work on and spend sometime to get better.  What did you do?  Did you ask people how to improve it?  Did you research ideas and programs to improve? Did you develop a plan and then put it into action?  Now if you didnt do these things it doesnt mean you are a bad person.  It just means that you will probably be in the same place.  So if you are, or even a little worse, dont get upset.  Just realize that you are holding here until you are ready to make the change.  If you did make a plan and you worked on the improvement of those deficiencies, then get ready to see just how much further you will be able to go!  Trust the process.  Dont have fear of doing worse or expectations of doing better.  Just have the expectation of performing to your best ability!  Have fun during the test!  Let yourself get to that FLOW state and let yourself go nuts!!  GOOD LUCK TODAY!!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:




13 min AMRAP:

.......55 reps Deadlift (225/155/135/95#)

.......55 reps Wall Balls (20#@10'/14#@9'/20#9'/10#9')

.......55 cal Row

.......55 reps HSPU (Open standard/Hand Release Push Up)



MWOD:   tend to your back, neck and shoulders