I dont like to lose, ever, in anything. Yeah i know, thats a little "15 year old jock kid" attitude but its true.  Many may see people beat me in the gym or on the field and see that i appear to have the loss roll off my back, but its something i have dealt with since i was 5 years old when i started wrestling.  I have won many times in my life and i have lost many times in my life.  All of them have shaped me into the person i am today.  The biggest thing i have learned is that its not all about winning and losing, but rather performance.  My first time at the Games, i went into the final event tied for 1st with Matt Swift.  The workout was Amanda, which is Squat Snatches and Ring Muscle Ups.  It ended up being one of Matts favorite workouts, and he crushed it.  He ended up winning the event and first place for the Master 45-49 yr old division that year.  I was second.  I was pissed.  I think i hide it pretty well.  But after a while, i looked back at the event.  I actually bettered by best time by almost a minute.  I PR'ed in it.  Once i realized that, then it really made me refocus about the event.  I performed the absolute best i could.  So i was happy about that. Sure taking first would have been great but how can i be disappointed when i PR?  I cant.  So i was not only good with it, but proud of how i did.  This is something that i wish i would have learned earlier.  All the other "stuff" is extra stress that means nothing.  I have been seeing some of our members that are already understanding this.  They would get bummed comparing themselves to some of our better athletes.  Then realized that the year before, they never even thought about remotely putting themselves in the same realm as these athletes.  Then they are happy!  A happy athlete, a proud athlete, one that loves striving for their best will find FLOW much more often, and sooner than those that are chasing things and others they cant control.  So think about YOU, concentrate on YOU, and push YOU to be the best YOU each day and in every event!   :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



28 min EMOM:

.......Min 1)  50 reps Double Unders (2:1 Singles)

.......Min 2)  20 reps Wall Balls (20/15#@10')

.......Min 3)  10 reps Deadlifts (225/155, 50%1RM, wt to get 20-25UB)

.......Min 4) 5 reps Ring Muscle Ups (RX: Rings, Scale: Banded Ring, Jumping Ring, BarMU, Banded BarMU, 2:1 Pull up, Banded Pull up)



MWOD:   lets hit those legs