You are what you do.  Do you regularly take the easy way out?  Do you stop the second you get uncomfortable?  Do you blame others?  Do you constantly rely on others?  Do you tell the truth?  Do you help others when they need it?  I can list all kinds of questions and the vast majority of the answers will be a simple yes or no.  "Sometimes" will rarely be the answer (at least when we are asking ourselves this question when no one is looking lol).  The reason is that the things we do regularly are our habits, and habits are very easy to keep but very tough to change.  Think about your day.  Do you have a routine?  The same wake-up, shower, and tooth brushing order, same coffee drinking time and place, etc.  What would happen if you wanted to change it?  It would take some work.  They say that it usually takes about 18-25 days to have a new habit or routine set.  The first couple weeks are REALLY hard part because you will constantly be thinking about they way you used to do it.  Your brain will be trying to justify why you should do what you used to do.  This will take will power and a real desire to make the change, whatever that change might be.  But once you have set in place then your new routine will be the norm and easy to keep going.  Basically, this means you have the power to create the YOU you want to be.  If there is something you would like to change, make better or something that you want to stop doing, its just a matter of making it through those tough couple weeks and creating those new habits and routines.  Create the best version of you by constantly doing the best version of you!! :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



27 min E3MO3M:

.......Round 1)  200m run + 20 reps Deadlift (225/155, 45%1RM, wt to get 20-24UB)

.......Round 2)  200m run + 20 reps Chest to BarPull-ups

.......Round 3)  200m run + 20 reps S2O (135/95, 45%1RM, wt to get 20-24UB)

*the remainder of the 3mins will be your rest with a min of :20 rest



MWOD:   recoup the low back