I used to think that if i won "this" competition or "that" tournament, then i would be happy.  I used to think that there was a set amount of money that i would need to make to be happy.  I used to think that if i went down the "normal life" check list and i was able to check off all the things on the list then id be happy.  Of course if i got what i wanted there was a moment of happiness but life really doesnt let you get to a point and stay there.  The fact is when it comes to happiness there really isnt a finish line at all.  There is just a journey that has highs and lows.  The lows force us to get stronger and test our determination and resilience.  The highs make us happy and keep us coming back for more.  This is the journey.  Im not trying to take the joy out of life and all the goals that you have made for yourself.  Im trying to change the emphasis of what the REAL goals are.  The goal is the quest!  There is no such thing as perfection but the quest for perfection is what makes us so good!  We want to be stronger, faster, better, sexier, richer, funnier, smarter, etc etc etc, then we will need to move forward towards those goals every single day.  We dont stop when we win.  We cant stop.  If we do stop then we will try to live on the feelings from that one single moment and we will end up stagnant and lost.  There really only is one finish line, the one at the end of our time.  Yeah i know that sounds a little gruesome, but this gives us a frame to work within.  Once we get this, and we realize that there will ALWAYS be highs and lows, goods and bads, wins and loses, sucesses and failures, then we wont be stunned when they happen.  Change your perspective on life, your goals and your direction and you will be working from a whole new set of rules and much more confidence than you could imagine. :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Front Squats (14 mins)

2 Rounds:

.......7 reps 65%1RM

.......5 reps 75%1RM

.......3 reps 85%1RM

.......2 reps 90%1RM

*if you made these numbers last time then increase your 1RM by 10# and then take your percentages from there.






For Time: (12 min limit)

22-16-10 reps

.......DB Hang Squats Clean Thrusters (50/35s, wt to get 18-25UB)

.......KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20UB)

.......Suitcase Carry DB Lunge (same as above, each step = 1 rep)



MWOD:   fixing hips for better front squats