Back in the beginnings of Crossfit, Coach Glassman said that one of the things that made the workouts so effective was the fact that you were doing it with people.  You will push harder when others are pushing hard around you.  But once you are used to the people around you then all of a sudden the push isnt the same.  Its still there but isnt as potent.  A competition comes around and you do the workouts and no matter how much you train, you are sore as F#*K!!  Why?  Well because you have been brought right back to how it was when you started.  There is a different group of people watching you.  There may be actual competitors you are going against rather than your normal noon class workout buddy.  Or, there may be a "bigger" daily leaderboard that your name will be put up on.  If its a local throwdown, then you are faced with these others that you probably dont know.  If its the OPEN, then its because its your first OPEN, or you want to qualify for the Regionals, or you now realize that your score will be posted amongst the other 400,000 people that are tossing their hat in the ring.  Im not saying this to make you more anxious.  Im saying this so that you realize you are doing the right thing, that you are going to push harder, that you will feel a little different tingle in your stomach than you do on a normal day and all of this is ok!  In fact, its EXACTLY what you want and what you search for!  So today, push hard, harder than you normally do.  See just what this fitness thing that you have been working on can do and just how far and fast you can go!!  :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



For Time (20 min limit):

.......10 reps Alt Db Snatch (50/35, 35/20)

.......15 reps Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)

.......20 reps Alt DB Snatch

.......15 reps Burpee Box Jump Over

.......30 reps Alt DB Snatch

........15 reps BBJO

.......40 reps Alt DB Snatch

.......15 reps BBJO

.......50 reps Alt DB Snatch

.......15 reps BBJO

*if you dont finish, then you need the time of your final completed set of burpees for the tie break



MWOD:   mobbing the low back