"If you have ambitions, then your actions NEED to match that."  This was a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk in one of his vlogs and i LOVED it!!!  Everyone wants to talk about what they want to achieve, what they want to do, the great plans they have, the amazing accomplishments they will have, the events they will win, the job they will have, etc.  But they miss big on one VERY important thing: they dont/wont put the work in.  How many times have you either heard someone say, or YOU have said....."i just dont have time."  If you cant make time, then it really isnt an ambition.  Its not something that you REALLY want.  Its just a nice wistful thought or a simple dream, but you arent serious about it.  Yes, there will be days you are tired and need to sleep, but this isnt every day.  On those other days, what are you doing?  You need to take care of business first with your current situation.  After that, its about doing the best stuff in those after hours.  Gary talks about the 7pm-2am time frame.  Most people are done with the regular job at this time.  Most have put the kids to bed by this time.  So then most can grab around 5 hours of work time on the ambition.  If you want it, you have to go get it!  Put the work in!  Dont just spin your wheels, but actually put in the good hard work.  Don't worry about how long it takes.  Just know that the work WILL get you there!!  :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



3 Rounds:  (27 min clock)

7 min AMRAP:

...21-15-9 rep set of:

.......Clean and Jerk

..............*1st 7 min: 135/95, 40%1RM, wt to get 18-20

..............*2nd 7 min: 165/115, 55%1RM, wt to get 12-16UB

..............*3rd 7 min: 185/125, 65%1RM, wt to get 5-8UB

.......Chest to Bar Pull-ups

.......Hand Stand Push Ups

*1 reps Ring Muscle UP each time you get through all 3 movements of the rep set. (Scale: Bar Muscle up or Banded Ring Pull downs)

3 min REST



MWOD:   do some shoulder stuff.  sorry link wasnt working