I have been a competitor my whole life.  I never really understood the idea of how you could be happy without winning.  When you compete you either win or you lose and obviously NOBODY likes to lose.......I hate it.  It used to crush me when i lost back in my early days as a wrestler.  The fact is that when you compete, there will always be that risk of being the "loser".  But competition can be boiled down to a test.  Whether its a CrossFit competition, its a Biology test, or an interview for a job, these are tests and you are in competition with everyone else that is there doing it.  With each of these, there are ramifications with the results.  If its a CrossFit event then the ramifications are you are a "winner" or you are a "loser.  If its a Bio test, then you are smart or you are "dumb". If its an interview then you are "the one" or you arent good enough for them.  These are usually the results from YOUR point of view.  This pressure will impede your abilities and make you WAY less than you are.  You wont have the ability to change the tests you are involved with but you WILL have the ability to change the perceived results of the test.  No matter what the outcome, it wont be a demeaning or crushing result.  Lets take the CrossFit event.  the test isnt about winning, but its about your performance.  Did you get "X" number of pull ups unbroken or be able to hold it together with the judge giving "no-reps"?  With the Bio test, were you able to show your understanding of the test or did you do pretty good based on the only 1 hour of studying you did?  With the interview, did you learn about how to answer this or that question with the preparation you did?  Im not saying to blow off the importance of certain events (like the Olympics or the Games, etc) but even in those situations, the pressure you want is the pressure to perform.  Not the pressure to win.  Winning is actually out of your control the majority of the time, so dont worry about that.  Change the perspective of competition and then you will change how you feel about competition.  Dont compete only because you will win.  Compete so that you can test yourself and your performance and grow.  Base it on the thing you can control....base it on YOU!  No one else:)   



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



28 min EMOM:

.......Min 1) 100m run

.......Min 2) 15 reps Pull-ups

.......Min 3) 10 reps Deadlift (275/195, 60%1RM, wt to get 15-18 UB)

.......Min 4) 15 reps Ring Dips

*minimum :15 sec REST on each min round.



MWOD:   tight hammys?