It's the LAST DAY of 2017.  How do you feel about that?  Is there a feeling of "finally that one is done!", or maybe a "this one will be better!"?  The start of the new year ALWAYS brings about a time to think about the things that need to be worked on.  What did you mess up on?  What do you really need to improve on?  Is it a business thing or a school thing?  Is it a goal thing?  Is it health and fitness thing?  Regardless of what it is, remember that if it's something that you really want, there is NO reason to wait for any day.  The first of the year, the start of the month, or any Monday, is just another day.  If on Wednesday you decide that you need to change something (unless there is something stopping you) why not start it RIGHT NOW!!!  Don't even wait until Thursday!  Important things are important for a reason.  But if you don't do anything with it, or you "wait" until the normal start days, then you are showing how NOT-important it is!  Yes, the new year is here.  Take a good look at yourself and what you want and need and should fix, or figure out what you want to achieve, and then START IT!  Take 2018 by the horns and wrestle that bitch to the ground!  It won't be easy but nothing important EVER comes easy.  Line up those goals and smash them to the ground!  Bye-bye 2017.  Thank you for EVERYTHING that you gave us.  Every win and every loss.  Every good thing and every bad thing.  Its all of these things that have made us the person we are and we are EXACTLY where we are because of it!  See you on the other side! :)




Complete the following: 



For TIme:

3 Rounds:

.......40 cal Row

.......30 reps Toes to Bar

.......20 reps Alt DB Snatch (100/75, HEAVY!)

.......10 reps Ring Muscle Ups



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits!