Traditions.  Do you have any at this time?  I know once the holidays start many of them tend to be things that are set up for your kids, or they are ones that you remember from when you were a kid.  These traditions give us a sense of familiarity, a comfort, a belonging, something special that rekindles good feelings of good times.  I know that I have had some traditions that I have done with my daughter that I want to keep doing.  But sometimes this is me trying to rekindle those good times.  She's getting older now and may, or may not, want to be involved in these traditions for the same reasons I want them.  I know that any of the traditions that we used to do, or that I try to keep doing, she will miss when she gets older.  Why?  Because it will remind her of good times, and comfort times.  If there are traditions that we "don't do" for whatever reason doesn't mean that I still can't do them.  I won't blow them off or choose not to be involved in them because they weren't the same way they were when she was younger.  I will keep them going because they make me feel good, they remind me of good times (don't me wrong, times aren't bad now, just different), and I think they make these holidays times fun.  I will also be open to starting new traditions with her as a young woman.  So, my tradition will be that I will keep to the traditions of the holiday, whatever they might be at the time.  I hope you find/make/remember/do your traditions of the season!   Now back to listening to Christmas music all day every day until December 26th !! :)




Complete the following: 



For Time:

.......50 cal Row

.......25 reps Power Snatch (135/95, 55%1RM, wt to get 15-20UB)

.......5 reps Legless Rope Climbs (2:1 reg rope climbs)

.......40 cal Row

.......20 reps Power Snatch

.......4 reps Legless Rope Climbs

.......30 cal Row

.......15 reps Snatch

.......3 reps Legless Rope Climb

.......20 cal Row

.......10 reps Snatch

.......2 reps Legless Rope Climb

.......10 cal Row

.......5 reps Snatch

.......1 rep Legless Rope Climb



MWOD:    tend to those sore and tired bits!!!!