So by now, we all have heard about the Paleo way of eating.  And even though it was all the rage for a while, some people really got down on it.  I think its really gotten a bad rap as far as a nutritional diet plan.  I hear people say things like you can't get enough carbs eating this way.  Or that they don't know what they are supposed to eat.  But I feel its still one of the best eating plan out there for the general population.  The reason is that it's about eating what we were designed genetically to eat.  Meaning if we can kill it or pick it, then its ok.   This cuts all the processed foods out, all the bread, all the sugars, etc.  This is a "what to eat" diet and there is NO WAY this is a bad diet!  And I have seen it work amazing wonders for almost everyone that has gone to that plan.  Currently, the popular plan is following Macros.  This is a "how much to eat" diet.  It tells you what your number of grams of Protein, Fats, and Carbs should be based on your training and what you are trying to achieve.  This also isn't a bad thing.  But the difference between the two is that one is based on a diet working for you right now and the other is for a lifetime.  Since the macros diet doesn't care what kind of food you eat and its based only on fuel for the tasks you have, then you may deal with inflammatory response issues later in life.  The Paleo diet has you eating good real food which is ALWAYS a good thing.  The Macros diet works great and if you are training hard and for long periods, then you NEED to have more carbs for fuel.  But if you aren't working out super hard, or you are only having one session then you don't need to eat as the athletes that are hitting it multiple times a day.  I like both of the eating routines and I have done them both.  But the closer you can get to a Macros plan with Paleo ingredients then the better it will be.  To get the most out of your diet, it NEEDS to line up with the work and lifestyle that you are in.  When in doubt, write it ALL down!  :)




Complete the following: 



Dead Lift Party:

.......0:00-3:00: 4 reps @75%1RM

.......3:00-6:00: 3 reps @80%1RM

.......6:00-9:00: 2 reps @85%1RM

.......9:00-12:00: 1 rep @90%1RM






13 min Clock:

6 min AMRAP:

.......12 reps Alt Pistols

.......8 reps Alt DB Snatch (75/50, wt to get 12-16 UB)

3 min REST

4 min AMRAP:

.......8 reps Alt Pistols

.......4 reps Alt DB Snatch



MWOD:   foam roll low back and hamstrings, use lacrosse ball on traps and upper back and kb on knee for ankle mobility