If you look at our Inferno Store page, you will see a shirt with the phrase, "Your EGO IS NOT your amigo!”  It’s a funny little saying that is written up on the main board of our gym as well.   This phrase is talking about being lead by your EGO which I think people confuse with PRIDE.  Pride/Pridefulness, or being proud of one's self, means that you are truly happy with the job you have done or that you have a sense of honor and love for the group you are with.  When the actions are pushed in that direction, then I see it as a very positive thing.  However, when it is pushed into a negative light; like worrying what others think, wanting to feel better than someone else, wanting to appear to be a better person than someone else, having a false sense of self and what one should be doing, or doing something not for you but for the approval of others, then it moves into the EGO realm.   Once you are operating in this world, your decisions then are not based on doing the best you can for the intrinsic value of “I love what I’m doing” or for the self-journey that you are in. You will choose to push too hard, lift too heavy, or something you shouldn't where the ONLY reward will be injury, where the only outside view of you will be “what a douche bag”. We all have been lead by our ego. It may be called peer pressure, it may be called lack of self-confidence, it may be Fear Of Missing Out or fear of not being the cool kid. None of the things I’m saying means that you shouldn't push hard or give it all you got. But it does mean you always need to be smart and honest about what you are doing or wanting to do. Don’t be a douche and be lead by your ego. Understand the difference between ego and pride. Follow that as often as you can. And you can even buy a shirt to show your support of that silly phrase! :):)




Complete the following: 



25 min AMRAP:

.......5 reps Squat Snatch (185/125, 70%1RM, wt to get 4-8UB)

.......5 Rounds of Cindy

..............5 reps Pull-ups

..............10 reps Push Ups

..............15 reps Air Squats



MWOD:   banded shoulder external rotation and roll out lats and legs