How many of you have jumped into a challenge of some sort, whether its a food challenge or a fitness chalenge, and you were fired up in the beginning then all of a sudden you lost motivation?  Even when some of these challenges require you to put an amount of money down to "keep your interest" (because who wants to lose money right?) and yet you STILL lose the motivation and seem to not be that worried about aparting ways with the cash.  You have to ask yourself, why are you even doing the challenge.  We all want to lok better, or lose someweight, or feel better about oursleves, or want to learn a skill, etc.  So what incentive would it take for you to NEVER lose sight of the motivation?  LEts go to a full extreme, would you stay on track if one of your family members would get hurt if you fell off the wagon?  Yes I know this is rather morbid for the holiday season but go with me on it.  Would you be able to justify not being involved in the challenge?  I dont think that would even be a question.  I was told about an eating challenge where the person was told to write a check out for an "uncomfortable amount of money
", something that would be VERY difficult to part with, and write it to someone or some group you despise.  Would you fall off the bus then?   Lets say you wrote a check of $1000 to the KKK, and had it in an envelope and told someone to mail it to them (you already have the adress on the envelop) the second you fail.  Would that change your motivation?  I honestly thought this was a pretty cool way to keep yourself in the game.  I dont realluy like the VERY negative reinforcement since the challenge is supposed to be for a positive thing in your life, BUT i think it would definitily keep some people on track.  I think sometimes, we need a little something more than just an "I'd like to lose some weight" to keep us going.  We can justify all kinds of crap.  Most of us don't have much self discipline so staying the course can get tough.  What would keep you going:?  We all need to sit down and figure what our thresholds are ):)




Complete the following: 



For Time:

.......1000m Row

.......50 reps Hollow Body Rocks

.......16 reps Bar Muscle Ups (2:1 Pull-ups)

.......750m Row

.......40 reps Hollow Body Rocks

.......12 reps Bar Muscle Ups

.......500m Row

.......30 reps Hollow Body Rocks

.......8 reps Bar Muscle Ups

........250m Row

.......20 reps Hollow Body Rocks

.......4 reps Bar Muscle UPs



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits