I love technology.  The fact that it feels like you can do almost anything and everything they did in the movies when I was a kid is insane.  And then as we move to more recent movies, how artificial intelligence, A.I., is becoming so commonplace that we seem to have forgotten all the movies about A.I. going out of control.  I recently saw some stories about how the first A.I. robot is named SAM will be running for New Zealand Prime Minister in 2020, or how another A.I. robot, named Sophia, has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.  I mean it's almost here.  We won't have to do anything ever.  We will have robots do it for us.  We will have technology to do it.  We will just float around in our robotic lazy-boy chairs like the people on the spaceship in the movie WALL-E.  We can't stop technology, but you can completely control your fitness.  You can workout.  You can workout and train hard so that when the world starts to change, you will still be able to get up out of your lazy boy and fight for your life, or go and get some food.  Maybe you aren't training for the Games.  Most people aren't lol, but we all should be training so that we can use our body to its ultimate level no matter what the technology level is.  Now I'm not saying that if you do some thrusters that you'll be able to fight a herd of irobots coming at you.  But as with everything, the more fit you are, the better chance you are going to have.  Give yourself the chance to go out fighting.  No slaves to the machine! :)




Complete the following: 



27 min AMRAP:

.......400m Run

.......21 reps Wall Balls (30/20#@10')

.......15 reps KB Swing (70/53#, wt to get 20+ reps)

.......9 reps Burpee Muscle-Up (Burp Bar MU 1:1, Burp +2 Pull-ups 1:1)



MWOD:   hit the shoulders for burpees and wall balls, and calves