Ever been called a lemming before?  Have your parents ever said "well if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too?"  I know I have heard that before.  In this fitness world, and especially in the CrossFit world, I see people blindly copying what others are doing.  There are a ton of good things out there but there is also a bunch of trash.  And just because some big named somebody does this or that doesn't mean that it's the right or the best thing to do.  It just means that it's what they do.  There was time a few years ago where people asked Rich Froning, the winningest CrossFitter of all time, what he ate and he was eating bowls of peanut butter and jelly.  Well guess what others started doing.......  you guessed it: eating peanut butter and jelly.  There was even a YouTube channel that was called "What's Rich doing?"  The idea was to follow around the champ and see what kind of crazy workouts he would do and how he was somehow still smashing workouts even though it was number 5 of the day.  That became some folks training program.  But the way they"picked" to do that program was because they were just following Rich.  We need to understand why and what we are doing to ourselves.  You need to know why you choose to eat the way you are eating. You need to know why you choose the workout program you are doing.  You need to know why you think you should or need to run or do a second workout ontop of the regular workout.  You need to know why you are deciding to take this supplement or that supplement.  I'm not saying you need to question just for the sake of questioning.  But do some research.  Understand why things do what they do.  If you don't know then ask.  Then when you get some info, go research that.  Does it make sense to you still?  Is it still the thing you should be doing? If yes then go for it.  And sometime, you may not really get any good intel or the best way to figure it out is to test it out.  Have you ever heard of Intermittent Fasting?  Do you know why its supposed to work?  Have you ever tried it?  This is how you figure things out.  Don't just follow blindly. Don't be a leming.  Figure it out and make the best choice for you!!:)




Complete the following: 



25 min AMRAP:

Buy In:   75 reps Hollowbody Rocks

.......800m Run

.......50 reps Toes 2 Bar

.......20 reps Dead Lift (315/215, 70%1RM, 18-22UB)

.......600m Run

.......40 reps Toes 2 Bar

.......15 reps Dead Lift

.......400m Run

.......30 reps Toes to Bar

.......10 reps Dead Lift

Cash Out:  Max Rounds Cindy

*5 pull up, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

**Score is either rds and reps of 1st part or # of rounds and reps of Cindy



MWOD:   Mash guts with med ball, foam roll lower back and calves