Nobody knows why things happen the way they do.  Bad things happen to good people.  We lose people too soon.  We struggle.  We falter.  When we get caught up in all of this, we can literally lose ourselves in sadness.  I'm not saying that you should be able to give yourself time to grieve or feel bad but there needs to be a better way to see the situation.  We don't know why it happened.  But we can choose to see a good reason that it did.  Does the incident change you somehow?  Does it make you look differently at situations?  Does it make you think differently?  Does it make you want to enjoy things more?  Does it make you want to reprioritize things in your life?  Does it make you decide to concentrate on different things in your life?  All of these things (although they don't take away the pain) can be seen as a gift.  Your life may not have been changed without it.  Today we are doing a special workout for a special member of our community.  Kendall Gassner lost her father Tom 10/5/2017 to colon cancer.  As much as I can't imagine what their family is going through, I hope we can show our support for her today.  We are here for you Kendall and your family!!  Please come and workout and show your support.  Donations are accepted at the gym or at this link:  [HERE FOR KENDALL].  Fight to see that silver lining:)




Complete the following: 



20:17 min AMRAP

.......10 reps Push Press (155/105, 50%1RM, wt to get 15-19UB)

.......17 reps Dead Lift (same wt)

.......51 reps Air Squats

*buy in is 5rounds. Your score is whatever you get after 5 rds



MWOD:   Kb shoulder external rotation, banded hammy stretch, BB mash for the quads