We all know that it's important to prep yourself for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  There should be hours of practice and drilling that goes into the actual execution.  We all know that practice makes perfect.  HOWEVER......I see it happen all the time where people will prep, practice, strategize, organize, visualize, etc but then NEVER actually put it to action.  Sometimes there is so much build up with all our prepping that we forgot that we actually have to get down to business.  Dont be afraid of the performance.  All the prepping you are doing should be exactly what you do when its time to go.  Then your body should just be auto-pilot.  Let it flow!  There will be no PERFECT time to go.  Its just a matter of taking that leap and going for it so just go for it!:)




Complete the following: 



24 min AMRAP:

.......50 reps Clean and Jerk (135/95, 45%1RM, wt to get 18-22UB)

.......60 reps HSPU

.......70 reps Box Jump Over (24/20")

.......80 reps Wall Ball (30/20#@10')

.......90 reps KB Swing (70/53, wt to get 20UB)

.......100 reps Air Squats



MWOD:   kb external rotate shoulders, foam roll low back, and roll out IT Bands