One of my favorite ways to go into a workout is to basically not think about it.  I don't mean to not prepare, or not have a"plan" or strategy.  But what I mean is that I don't like to think about it much before the event is going to happen.  When I have tried to get super fired up, or over pumped up, or to really get into the visualization, or honestly any "normal" prepping just before the event, I usually come out WAY too hot and burn out way too fast.  With all the pre-prepping anxiety right before it starts, I'm actually burning energy and wasting energy before I even start to move.  Then, when I am moving, the exhaustion, I swear, feels three times as bad.  When I am in a state of "calm before the storm", I'm able to contain my energy release and be able to use my gas for when I really need it.  CrossFit stuff never is won in the first round, and the second round is ALWAYS the worst, so you need to be ready and able to handle those first 2 rounds without wasting energy before you get there.  The technique does take some knowledge of your body and abilities.  You need to think about your plan ahead of time and do all the visualization like the days before rather than trying to go over it right before you hit the workout.  You want to be in a good state of mind and many times all the extra thinking brings you down rather than picking you upand getting you ready.  Give it a try.  Do your warm up, get yor stuff out and keep your mind clear about the workout, then just hit the clock.  By the time it gets shitty, you will be past the halfway point and about to finish!!:)




Complete the following:



5 Rounds: (25 min limit, or whenevery you finish)

.......500m Row

.......20 reps Alt DB Snatch (50/35, what you used in the Open, wt to get 25-30UB)

.......2 reps Rope Climb



MWOD:   tend to those sore and tired bits!!!