We have all heard the phrase, "you get out of it what you put in."  It's such a spot-on statement.  You can seriously use this phrase in ALL areas of life an in all areas of your world.  Let's say you are looking at dieting.  Well, we aren't talking about what goes IN your mouth but more about how committed to the diet are you.  Do you follow the guidelines and try to learn about it as you are doing it?  Are you going ALL-IN?  When it comes to your workouts, the same thing applies.  You will get more out of each workout if you do the right weights that work best for you and have the right amount of intensity in then them.  If you have a job, you will usually enjoy your work more when you are going all in and committing to whatever it is you are working on.  Are you concentrating on the task, and giving your best in each step along the way?  And what about a party or gathering?  Are you opening up and saying HI to people?  Are you laughing with people and being involved or are you standing back and mad-dogging everyone?  It's really simple:  whatever it is you are doing or are involved in, don't just go through the motions.  That is a waste of time and usually you start to get irritated by having to do it and others are usually getting irritated at you for being so lame.  Just accept it and have fun!  Get in there and go all out!! :)




Complete the following:



24 min EMOM:

.......1)  5 reps Ring Muscle Ups (1:1 BarMU or 2:1 Chest to Bar)

.......2) 10 reps Power Snatch (135/95, wt to get 12-16UB)

.......3) 15 reps 2-fer Wall Balls (20/15#)

*you will get a min of :15 sec REST each round