Im watching some tv and a commercial comes on. its this weird hybrid elliptical and arm moving thing.  The line was saying it burns 80% more calories than other workouts.  They listed treadmils and stair-climbers to show the differences.  "Only 14 minutes a day and you will burn fat and gain muscle!"  They even said it was like weight training.  Ok so yes you are pushing the little arm levers but come on now.....saying its like weight training??  I see this with so many programs and items out there.  The object is just to sweat and bounce around for a particular time.  And then they show pictures of people that have lost tons of weight and ow look like fitness models.  PLEASE dont get sucked into the hype!!!  Yes doing ANY activity will have you losing weight and inches if you currently do ZERO!!!  But to say that this machine will do more for you than what we do??  NOPE!  Heres why:  when it comes to this particular machine, the movements done there are VERY minimal.  Think about how much your legs bend on an elliptical.  Not very far.  and the arm levels barely move a quarter of the way back and forth.  So of course yo are burning calories but why not burn 50% by moving your body 50% further??  Or build 50% more muscle by recruiting more muscle fibers as you go to full range of motion.  Everyone wants to get more fit, lose weight, get stronger, and basically look better naked.  Why not get the most out of your workout so you can get the most benefits!  Thats why we are here for you.  Our training with Constantly Varied, Functional Movements done at High Intensity will do the trick for you.  For most of you that are our members, you already get it.  But we all know someone who can use some help.  If you want use to help them, then set up a time for to meet.  You know what this has done for your life.  Lets bring it to those you care about!:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Press Series: (14 min limit)

4 Rds

.......Max Strict Press right into

.......Max Push Press right into

.......Max Push Jerk til fail

2 min REST

*the object here is to go to failure from strict right into the push press until failure right into push jerk.  See how heavy you go.

**should only be able to do 2-5 strict press MAX!!  if you can do more then you will be way too light and the reps will be way to high.






12 min AMRAP:

.......8 reps Thrusters

.......8 reps Toes to Bar

.......8 reps Burpees over the Bar

*increase wt every 2 rounds

Rd 1&2 (95/65, wt to get 24-28UB)

Rd 3&4 (135/95, wt to get 13-18UB)

Rd 5&6 (165/110, wt to get 8-12UB)

Rd 7 and up (185/125, wt to get 5-8UB)



MWOD:    getting the shoulders ready