How are you supposed to know how heavy to go or how hard to go when you are doing a workout?  Well it depends on what the workout is honestly.  If the workout says "max reps or max effort", that means go until you cant go anymore.  Take todays workout for example.  You row 500m then you do as many pull ups as you can each time.  Work until failure, mean you absolutely can not do another one.  Is this going to affect the next set? Yep!  But thats part of it.  Now you could obviously not go totally hard and then be able to have a much more consistent score each round.  But thats not the point of the workout.  How about a weight in the workout?  Well it looks pretty heavy and you dont feel very confident so you decide to go light.  But how light should you go?  If the workout is saying you should be able to lift the weight 15-18 times then that means you could definitely get to 15 but there is no way you could get 20 reps out of it.  If you could get 20 or more then you were to light.  If you are injured then this may change a little.  It may be that you can only move this lighter weight 16 times before it starts to hurt.  Im not saying to keep going as it is hurting and pain is telling you to stop.  It may be that you are PVC pipe light but the pain keeps you in those numbers. Lets say you arent hurting though but you cant go heavy.  In this case you would bring the reps up.  this isnt to do damage to the injured area but rather to ingrain proper motor patterns while the injury heals.  IT doesnt have to be super fast either.  You probably wont have to stop so you will be abou the same speed as those that are doing the "rehab" version of the workout.  Lets say the workout should take 15 mins and you finish in 8.  did you have a waste of a workout?  of course not.  But you didnt get the planned response of the workout.  We plan our workouts over the course of a year so we want you to stay in the plan so we can help with your success!  We dont want to push you to go heavy just because.  We want to push you to get the most out of the experience based on your abilities and issues. :)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Rowing Nicole

20 min AMRAP:

.......500m Row

.......Max Effort Pull-ups

*score total number of pull-ups



MWOD:   for the sore biceps