Sometimes i think when we say that Crossfit and INFERNO training is INFINITELY scale-able, people dont seem to believe us.  I feel this way is because i hear all the time, "well this hurts and i looked at the website and i realized i couldnt do any of the things in the workout. so i just decided not to go."  Ok, yes, if you are hurt or injured, you will not be able to get the exact same workout as if you were 100% healthy.  But it doesnt mean you cant get a great workout.  Just because something is hurt doesnt mean that you necessarily need to completely ignore that body piece.  Now we obviously arent going to try to have you do the exact same thing but we can change angles, we can change range of motion, we can do a slightly changed direction of movement, we can change the weight, we can change the rep scheme, and we can keep on going!  So please dont think you shouldnt come to workout.  Just get to the gym early and talk to the trainer.  They will be able to figure something out with you and make your day great:)



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



With a 30 min Clock:

.......150 reps Double Unders (2:1 singles)

.......15 reps Clean and Jerks (205/145, 70-75%1RM, wt to get 4-7UB)

.......30 reps Alt Pistols

.......45 reps Toes To Bar

.......60 reps Box Jump Over (34/28")

.......45 reps Toes to Bar

.......30 reps Alt Pistols

.......15 reps Clean and Jerks

.......150 reps Double Unders



MWOD:   hit your quads and shoulders!!