Tonight there is a little in house........"competition".  For many, the second this word pops up, there is an instant rush of nerves that attacks them.  Why is it that competition does this to people?  Usually its because of feelings of what might happen.  All those negative things that OTHERS will think or say about you.  You arent good enough, You are terrible, You suck, You look funny when you workout, You arent good enough to be on a team, and i can keep on going.  The fact is that none of these things matter.  It doesnt matter what others say about you.  And if you worry about what they say then you give them power over you and your life.  With Crossfit events, it is truly you against you.  Yes i know there is a score card and placings but you have ZERO affect over anyone else and their results and they have ZERO affect over you and your results.  All you can do is move the bar as fast and as good as you can and if the cards all fall into place then you will place well.  But then even if you dont place where you wanted doesnt mean that you didnt do well.  So as we are sitting here whittling down all of the variables that you will have to deal with, it all comes down to one the absolute best job you can.  With this you may end up the winner or you may end up in last place but it shouldnt make you feel any different.  Winning is great but you cant control the outcome.  You can only control the one thing you can control, your performance.  So put a big smile on your face, take a deep breath and throw your hat in the ring and HAVE SONE FUN!!!! :)   



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:




For time: (30 min limit)

.......100 reps Pull ups

.......100 reps Push ups

.......100 reps Sit ups

.......100 reps KB Swing (50/35, wt you can get 30-40UB)

*every 2 minutes do 8 reps Thrusters (135/95, wt to get 15-20B)

**If you are doing Friday Night Lights today, then cut todays workout in half



MWOD:   take 15 minutes to work on any mobility you need today