"WHY" is probably the most important question you can ask.  WHY is the reason you are doing whatever it is you are doing.  For Example, why are you working?  So that you have money to support your family and your kids?  Why are you eating this way?  So that you look better, feel better, and so you can live longer and better for your spouse? Why do you workout the way you do?  So you can compete or so you can just be healthy?  Basically, you should be able to justify EVERY action you do by being able to answer WHY.  "Because i want to" isnt an answer.  The follow-up to that would be "WHY do you want to".  The only real way to answer this is to take a very true and honest look at yourself and the actions and then search for the answers.  Some answers may be very easy to answer.  Others may be covered up with a ton of stuff, but if it has caused you to be or do certain things then you need to understand the reasons for the WHY.  What is the importance of knowing the WHY?  You could answer "ignorance is bliss" but the bliss doesnt last long.  eventually you cant pretend like you dont know about it.  But the real reason its important is because this how you will know where you are going next.  You will be able to draw out your road map if you need to, you will be able to prep yourself for possibly some tough times, you will be able to feel good about decisions you are making all because you truly understand your WHY.  If you dont know them, sit down and try to figure them out.  Start with the small easy ones, then move to the big ones. You may just uncover a revelation:)   



INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Technique Thursday

.......Take 15 minutes and go over Basic Rowing Technique and the difference between rowing for meters and rowing for calories (including understanding the computer and how its affected by the dampner, and what the computer reads during the stroke)






18 min Continuous Clock:

4 Rounds each on 3 minutes

.......10 reps Box Jump (24/20) + 3 reps Air Squats on top of the box

.......20 reps Hang Power Snatch (75/55, wt to get 25+ UB)

.......10 reps Strict Press (same wt as above)

6 min AMRAP:

.......10 reps Box Jump + 3 Air Squats on top

.......20 reps Hang Power Snatch

.......10 reps Strict Press

*Score is what you get on the last 6 min AMRAP.  You must stand all the way up on you box jump before you start your air squats.  Rest when you are done on each of the rounds until each of the 3 minute marks.  Start the 6 min AMRAP at the 12 min mark.



MWOD:   Internal rotation improvements for bar work